Heineken 5TARDIUM Festival @ Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium Recap

Heineken 5TARDIUM Festival @ Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium Recap

RL Grime, Oliver B2B Alex Metric, Andy C, Vicetone, and Mak J take over five stages in spectacular performances.

Extending its ethos into the music realm, Heineken presented 5TARDIUM this month, a festival which took place at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium on July 4. Following from its debut in 2014, the festival — themed around Space Circus this year — returned with a stellar line up of progressive dance artists who took on the stadium’s unique surrounding stage concept. The 25,000 attendees were treated to an immersive showcase, where RL Grime, Alex Metric & Oliver, Andy C, Mak J and Vicetone sprawled across five surrounding stages, while fireworks and a breathtaking light show ignited the stadium, adding to the electrifying evening. The DJs took turns playing a deft blend of drum & bass, EDM, and forward-thinking electro strains, offering five genre-bending experiences all while the party cavorted in the middle of the arena. Cast your eyes over the images above for a glimpse of a recap of the one-day festival and stay tuned for next year’s line up via its Facebook page.

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