Festival-goers brave heavy rains for ‘Grand Voyage’

Festival-goers brave heavy rains for ‘Grand Voyage’

5tardium festival sells out 4 years straight

Heavy rains could not stop 25,000 spectators from filling Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Saturday, selling out all tickets for the Heineken Presents 5tardium Festival for four straight years since its first event in 2014.

Umbrellas seemed like a hassle for a flock of partiers as nobody carried any despite the weather center’s prediction of extremely heavy rains. Some people were even wearing swimsuits ready to jump around and dance freely in the rain.

The Heineken Presents 5tardium Festival sold over 90 percent of its ticket before the line-up was revealed. It took only a day to sell out the rest, after the participating DJs were announced.

The nation’s first conceptual show has collected more fans every year by distinguishing itself from other EDM festivals. Heineken 5tardium plays five different music genres at each point of the giant pentagon stage, befitting the theme “Grand Voyage” this year.

Five DJ teams represented each genre beginning with Chris Lake playing house, a classic in dance music. Lake rose to stardom with his global hit single “Change” released in 2006 and is widely recognized for his specialty in house music.

The collaboration of British DJ Nu:Tone and Brazilian-British DJ S.P.Y. took over the audience to captivate them with drum & base music; a fast tempo break beat with a heavy bass sound.

The only female DJ at the festival, Alison Wonderland, decorated the third stage playing the hottest genre trap, which is electronic dance music based on hip hop tunes.

DJ Dannic brought the audience to their feet with the most popular music in local, electro house, at a peak time. Dannic was good enough to drive partiers crazy as he has proven himself to make it into the top 100 DJs in the world, selected by global DJ journal “DJ Mag” since 2013.

Russian DJ Arty introduced the addictive trance genre to finish off the festival. His original epic tune took the audience into ecstasy.

The distinguished selection of DJs playing various types of EDM was not all the festival was about. Heineken 5tardium offered many activities to keep the audience entertained such as fireworks, an LED lighting show and the performance of DUNDU, giant show puppets reaching over 2.8 meters in height.

The flying whale Cetus and dancer Mojo performing in the air hanging on the hot-air balloon even attracted EDM beginners to enjoy the festival. The fire-breathing and water sprinkling robot Kraken also added a spectacle for anybody whether they were fans of EDM music or not.

“I am extremely satisfied with today’s festival,” Kylie Wallbridge, the general manager of Heineken Korea, told The Korea Times at the festival. “It’s my fourth time I’ve done it and every year it gets better.

“Heineken’s purpose is about enjoyment of life. Beer is part of it and enjoying music and dancing with your friends is very important. It’s a very special opportunity to have Korean people understand and really enjoy our brand and celebrate this,” said Wallbridge.

Heineken began a global music campaign this year under the slogan “Live Your Music” to reach out to global music fans. The campaign provides opportunities for people to engage in a musical journey beyond just listening to music in daily life.

The beer company has decided to work with various music festivals by supporting world-class musicians for local audiences at Seoul World DJ Festival, Seoul Jazz Festival, Heineken Present 5tardium, Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival and Let’s Rock Festival.

Every event pursues different music and concepts and Heineken will not only sponsor the festival but further make the “Heineken Stage” at the venue provide the audience a chance to experience many genres.

The Dutch brewing company also joined in a partnership with the country’s No. 1 music streaming platform Melon to introduce Station H, where users can read about music festivals taking place here. The platform recommends playlists of music presented by the musicians participating at the festivals.

“As the most dynamic lifestyle brand, Heineken has always sought music as important brand DNA from a long time ago. Through our campaign of Live Your Music, we hope people will love Heineken and experience world class music,” said Marketing Director of Heineken Korea Chadi Abdo.

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival will be held for three days at Pentaport Park in Songdo from Aug. 11 and Let’s Rock Festival will take place at Nanji Hangang River Park in Seoul from Sept. 23 to 24.

By Kim Jae-heun

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