FAQ - 5tardium



1. How can I purchase the tickets for 5TARDIUM?

You can buy tickets through online. Check TICKET page(http://5tardium.com/ticket/)

2. I want to get refund my tickets. How can I do that?

You may ask to website where you bought the tickets.

3. How can I exchange my tickets to wristband?

You need paper tickets that delivered to you, or online booking information. Also, photo ID with your birthday on it.

4. Is there age limit for 5TARDIUM?

Yes. This festival is for adults. Person who born before 1999 is not allowed to enter.

5. Is there any items that are not allowed to bring in?

Dangerous items such as large umbrella, knife, firecracker, glass bottle are not allowed.

6. Can I re-sell my tickets or give them away to my friends?

Transfer or trading of tickets among individuals is illegal. Both the seller and the buyer may be subject to civil and criminal action.


1. Is there any place to keep my bags and clothes?

Yes. Coat check will be operated on the festival site.

2. Will I be able to purchase food and beverages at the festival?

During the festival, we will offer various food and beverages sales at festival grounds. However, no food and drinks will be allowed to be brought from the outside.

3. Can I use credit card? Or can I use cash at the festival?

In the festival zone, cash is not able to use. Please prepare the credit card.

4. Can I smoke?

You may smoke only in the smoking area in the festival zone.